October 2020

October in the Art room!  This brings us through our first quarter of the school year and we are still in-person!  I am having so much fun with students, learning about who these awesome middle school people are, and getting to know them through their pieces of art.  There's lots of fun, spooky, creepy holiday artwork happening too!  I have been very focused this month on ways to challenge kids to push themselves more in their artwork.  Often, we create something to a point where we are satisfied but feel that there is something else needed.  Middle schoolers will sometimes stop working on an art piece for fear of "ruining" their artwork, so I am beginning to try to get them to work past their fears and take the risk to improve their work.

I am also working to improve myself as an educator and this month I am involved in a fellowship, the "John Buckner Educational Fellowship for Lesson Planning with Purpose," which includes a book study, lots of self reflection, an artistic response, and you guessed it- lesson planning.  I hope to design some very purposeful content to integrate into the TAB studio during the second half of the year and really take time to think through how students will respond and interact with some new ideas.