September 2020

The beginning of this school year has been fast and furious!  We are already almost through September and I have had the privilege to take over 300 photographs (see Student Artwork Gallery)!  I have also had the opportunity to record a podcast with another Northern Colorado teacher about what we do here in the Middle Level Art TAB Studio, and as soon as it is edited I will post a link here.  In addition, I have accepted a nomination for the John Buckner Educational Fellowship for "Lesson Planning with Purpose," and I will begin work on that in October.  I am excited to see what happens as a result of my participation.  We have a physical Art display scheduled at a local library for December 2020, and we are also participating in an Artist's Sketchbook exchange with University of Northern Colorado Art Education students.  Even with all of the challenges this year will bring, I am committed to continuing to challenge myself and my students to grow through the Artistic Process!